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Star šŸŒŸ Candle

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Amazing Green Smell

Glass Star šŸŒŸ Candle with Coconut wax āœØĀ 



Coconut wax-Coconut wax is sustainable, unlike paraffin wax. It's a renewable resource that uses no pesticides or fertilizer to grow. Coconut wax candles have an outstanding scent throw and are clean-burning, meaning they produce no harmful chemicals when lit up. Coconut wax is also one of the slowest-burning waxes out there, meaning your candle will last up to 50% longer than a traditional candle.

Frankincense oil- Burning Frankincense Resin is one of our favorite ways to bring positive energy into your space.Ā 

Topped with Rose Petals - Red roses also stand for passion, true love, romance, and desire.

Sage herb-Ā  Beliefs that burning sage clears out spiritual impurities, pathogens, and even insects have been fundamental to the practice of smudging.